iProd USA

" We bring your talents to the US "

At iProd USA, we're specializing in producing European artists in the USA. We handle all the details, from visa and work authorizations, to identifying and booking a venue. We also promote your show !

We do it all so you can focus on what you love !

Road to Success

We bring your performance to the US and the European communities to you.


Home Sweet Home

We select the right venue for your success.



You master the stage.
We master backstage.


Tours and Promo

The Team

who are we?

A team of professionals with a passion for music and dance and decades of experiences handling all the aspects of producing foreign artists in the United States.

what drives us?

Passion. Passion for music. Passion for dance. Passion for the arts.

what do we do?

We manage all aspects of producing a foreign artist in the United States. Legal paperwork: check! Booking a venue: check! Promotion: check! Accomodation: check!

what sets us appart ?

20+ years of experience promoting and producing artists in the US.


Chief Executive Officer


Production Manager


Board Member - Advisor

Experience the american dream!

Contact Us

696 De Haro St
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: +1 (650) 762 6001

Road to Success

With our talented team, we can successfully bring your performance to the US and bring the European community leaving in the US to you.

We work with you to identify and reach your target audience in the US. We leverage social medias and local communities to promote your show.

We provide effective ways to expand your reach into the European Community in the US and to promote the artists. Some of the tools we laverage:

  • Large e-mails data base
  • Growing Social Network
  • Press release
  • Local community events
We work with artists, agents and producers to make sure that every performance is a success in the US. Working with us will bring to the artist a successful and rewarding american experience that will make the envy of their peers.

Home Sweet Home

At iProd, we know that choosing the right venue is crucial for the success of a performance.

There is a wide numbers of different type of event venue and we will provide the venue that suits best the artist personality. Our team has been producing in the US for the past ten years. We made numerous site visits and have been working through a checklist of essential facilities, equipment and services to make sure we book the perfect venue. We are experts at finding the perfect stage that feels like Home Sweet Home.

Some of the venues we’ve already worked with:

  • Flint Center, Cupertino, CA (~2200 seats)
  • Center For Performing Arts Mountain View, CA (~400 seats)
  • Heritage Theater, Campbell, CA (~700 seats)
  • Montgomery Theatre, San Jose, CA (~500 seats)


You master the stage, we master backstage.

Our professional team will handle all details from legal, transportation, accommodation, visits and more. We pride ourselves in offering a unique experience to the artists and their team. Your performance in the US will not only be a performance, it will be a genuine and successful experience tailored to your dreams and wishes.

Contact us for details on the endless possibilities we have to offer.

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